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Posted by on 1/3/2020 to News

At USTRADEBANK.com, our purpose is simple: to provide a place where sellers meet buyers. 

Manufacturers and producers of products from all over the world have a place here to feature their products for purpose of making the “connection with buyers.”  These buyers fall into the categories of end customers, distributors, and/or resellers.   Our model is pretty simple.  Products featured on USTRADEBANK.com are offered for sale via a link to the seller.  Each seller then manages all aspects of the sale from pricing to delivery.

If you are new to business and creating a new product brand, this is the place to get it out there.  Our platform is ideal for new product lines.  We make it easy for new product offerings to reach buyers within the United States and world-wide. 

U.S. Trade Bank, Inc. is an online platform rendering services under the registered trademark USTRADEBANK.com .   We are a privately owned Florida corporation founded in 2013 and are located in Miami, Florida, USA.   

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